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Community User Guidelines and Terms of Use

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Welcome to the Polycom Community Site!


This is is a public site for everyone to use.  While we want to make the site a fun experience for our users, we'd like to also ask that you help us keep it professional and relevant.  


In general, please...


- Be respectful and courteous of others

- Be relevant to the topic when posting

- Protect the privacy of yourself and others

- Apply good judgment to the use of user-generated content

We prohibit...


- Soliciting, harassing or threatening other users

- Using profanity, obscenity, or other offensive language

- Violating the law or encouraging others to do so

- Hacking or interfering with community operations

For more details, please download and read the two attachments (Community User Guidelines and Community Terms of Use) in this post.


Thank you and happy posting!


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