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What are the chances of HD voice working without a voice grade IP network?

We've got some VTX-1000s that we've been using for years.  In recent years, we've had an increasingly hard time getting them to negotiate high quality voice.  I'm pretty sure that our voice traffic is getting converted to IP somewhere in transit, so I'm guessing that the Polycom proprietary codec is just getting crushed in the process of being converted to G.711 (I'm guessing).


As the world becomes increasingly IP-based, it seems like the only practical way to make high quality voice work is with a "voice grade" IP connection between the end points.  Even if we used SIP delivery from our telecom provider, as soon as they hand off the call to another provider, it's going to get smooshed into G.711 and any more sophisticated codec is going to break.  It seems like the only way to make this work reliably is a private IP connection that promises they'll honor whatever class of service markings are on the packets.


Am I missing something or is this the current state of how things work?