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RPRM 9.0.1 and GAB - SIP URI not showing up for PCOM Group Series endpoints?

Hi all, 


I am using RPRM 9.0.1 and GAB. Im finding a peculiar behavior with Polycom video systems (Group series specifically) that are in GAB vs Cisco (EX90 / MXP800 etc). I am see that the SIP URI field is not updating in RPRM for Polycom Group units whereas it is obtaining SIP URI information from Older HDX units and Cisco endpoints. 


Anyone run into this? The SIP URI cannot be updated for endpoints it finds on DMA, but you can enable SIP protocol, however SIP calls fail automatically because for some reason this field doesnt update in RPRM for Polycom series endpoints. It will fallback to H.323. But this works for my other endpoints just fine. Is this a known issue?


  • I do not use SIP authentication for registering endpoints.
  • The Group series endpoints are registered fine via SIP to DMA (just like the HDX and Cisco units discussed above)
  • SIP settings mirror the HDX settings on these Group series
  • Tried deleting them off and synced them back, rebooting etc to no avail