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Hear Peter Leav and Polycom executives discuss Polycom’s vision and strategy to help organizations drive top and bottom line growth, increase productivity and compete more effectively. Discover how Polycom will give you the power to drive new operational efficiencies for your customers, understand new business models and market trends and gain insight into Polycom’s future direction enabling you to go beyond your growth expectations in 2015.
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Hello & Welcome to the Polycom Education Community!

Good ideas unexpressed are worthless which is probably why ancient tribes whose survival depended on consensus universally establishing dedicated meeting places to talk. Mala’e is the Polynesian word used by ancient, seafaring tribes to describe their communal meeting place. It literally means a ‘cleared space free of weeds or trees’, which allowed for the open exchange of ideas. The Polycom Education Community is our mala’e, where our digital tribe which is scattered across the globe across seven seas might come and sit in our education community circle to discuss best practices, latest trends, raise issues, solve problems, and share experiences. Come join the discussions!