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Password change policy SFB and Polycom phones

We currently have  a variety a few VVX models in our environment.  Most are running 5.5.1 but will be pushed to 5.5.2 this week and BTOE 3.5.  We are connecting to O365 (Skype for business online) using modern authentication and ADFS.


Our company policy is for users to change their password approx every 30 days.  We have discovered some issues where users are getting locked out of their phone once the password change is complete.  We have put out a bulliten stating you should sign out of your phone prior to your password change and then sign back in but this is generating a lot of frustraction with the users.


Is there a best practice for performing password change or anyway to make this more seamless for the end users?



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Re: Password change policy SFB and Polycom phones

We have the same issue.. Did you find a solution?