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Question on BToE Behavior in SfB Environment

I have searched quite a bit for this, including in the BToE documentation, and I can't find a solid answer. My testing seems to indicate something different from what my users are telling me. To give some background, we have VVX phones running (will be upgrading soon when our IS manager gets back from vacation) and are using BTOE . What's happening is that we have rooms with Lync CAP's called "Focus Rooms" where users will sit down and plug in their PC's do 3 bundled wires that provide power, a connection to a secondary screen and BToE pairing with the VVX 500. Seemingly randomly, some of the phones are being logged in as the Lync users who BToE pair to them, while in most of my testing the phone stays on its own CAP account after the PC is disconnected. What is the expected behavior here? And if the VVX should not be logged in as the Lync user, why could that be happening? Thanks in advanced for the reply.