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Automatic Gain Control Real Presence Desktop on Windows

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Hello! I was wondering fi there is a way to disable Automatic Gain Control on Real Presence Desktop for Windows. Having it enabled is very annoying because the feature takes control of the volume degradating the quality of the videoconference. This feature is enabled despite having disabled the option in Windows which allow any applycation to take control over audio devices.



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Re: Automatic Gain Control Real Presence Desktop on Windows

Ascentio, I'm sorry that you are having audio issues with RPD. I have worked on and marketed the desktop offerings for more than 10 years and this is the first I have heard that our AGC is causing poor audio. It's usually the opposite where RPD has better audio than what is capable with consumer apps. Assuming there's not some other issue, you may find that enabling Music Mode on RPD solves your need. On the RPD dialpad you can enter #68742# and hit enter. This will enable/disable Music Mode. Hope this helps.