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Conference room computer screen not sharing with RDP

I have the latest RPD (trial) on an Windows 10 computer and can dial into our coporate conference room without a hitch. I can also get the conference room video and audio on my computer.


However, when they go to split screen mode (at the conference room end) in order to display their computer screen, the screen flickers at my end but continues to only display the people video instead of the computer screen they are trying to share with me.


If I dial in to the same conference room via my iPad Polycom app, and the conference room follows their usual procedures above I get their computer screen echoed to me.


Is there some RPD setting I am missing that causes it to display the echoed computer screen from the conference room at my end instead of the people video? I am dialing in using H.323 protocol.


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Re: Conference room computer screen not sharing with RDP

I just tried this and did not have an issue with it showing up both People and Content.  Using the default settings.  


I am wondering if there maybe a firewall issue?  Not sure whatelse could cause it.