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Real Presence Desktop - Dual monitor



Our company was using Polycom Telepresence m100, 

when remote party showed a document during videoconferencing , it opened in a new window, 

which allowed for having that window in a second screen.


Our setup was :

- the remote camera view, rendered on a flat tv screen (40' for what it matters)

- the remote document being projected on beamer.


We are switching to Real Presence Desktop, because m100 is not maintened anymore.


I see no option for dual monitor support in RPD ?

Can remote view windows can be separated from remote document showing window ?

That would be great, that's such a convenient feature !


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Re: Real Presence Desktop - Dual monitor

RP Desktop supports content and people in one window not separate one, so can’t be shown separately in two monitors.


This is one difference between RPD and CMAD/m100.