Why Collaboration Should Matter to Every Organisation in 2017

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A guest post from Tony Simonsen, Managing Director, Polycom Australia & New Zealand 


Like any leader overseeing a large geography, I have often found myself meeting with partners in Sydney, attending a customer event in Auckland and joining an analyst briefing in Singapore – all in the same week. The difference today, is that I can often complete these meetings without having to board a plane. In 2017, this changing dynamic of workplace culture and collaboration will continue to impact business at all levels, from C-Suite to intern.




rp-trio-01.jpgPolycom has just announced the release of the latest firmware for the RealPresence Trio, the world's first smart hub for group collaboration.There are lots of new features, but I think that it is worth mentioning the new Skype for Business UI. It may not seem like much, but in my opinion, having a familiar user interface is important for two key reasons.




eClerx Services Limited – Polycom Superhero

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MVP_0045 - Copy.jpgWhen client satisfaction is at the core of business success – productivity and timely delivery of projects take centre stage. eClerx Services Limited, a leading knowledge process outsourcing company, turned to Polycom to build a unified communications environment and enable its staff across continents to meet face-to-face with greater ease. Through rapid adoption of video collaboration, the company has secured B2B and B2C connections to provide a robust level of customer services. eClerx Services’ focus on continuous innovation and establishing a strong teamwork culture makes them a Polycom Superhero!




Want to integrate video with Skype for Business? We'll explain all on Nov 2!

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We all know that collaboration can be confusing, frustrating and time wasting. How many times when you are getting ready to join  a video conference have you asked yourself one of these questions– how does this work, where is the remote, how do I go on mute, how can I share my reports easily? What happens when you need to talk, but don’t speak the same language? Sometimes it means you can’t talk at all. Best case, you converse through a translator - slow, stilted, and not everything comes across correctly. We have the answer! 



Helping businesses prepare for the workplace of the future, today

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casual-business-meeting-discussion-2.jpgI was recently lucky enough to be in Australia to speak at Telstra Vantage – if you are not familiar with it, this annual event takes place in Melbourne and is a fantastic gathering of like-minded people, all looking for the right tools and insights to transform their businesses. As a Workplace of the Future evangelist, I could not have had a more sympathetic audience when delivering our message that companies both large and small need to rethink workplace collaboration today, if they want to remain competitive tomorrow.




MSFTWebinar_GS_2Nov.jpgWant to integrate video with Skype for Business? Polycom experts will explain it all in our next webinar to be held on Wednesday, November 2. Whether you are looking to extend your current Skype for Business or Microsoft Office 365 deployment to include video, or you want to leverage your existing video investment within your chosen Microsoft environment, this is the webinar for you! 




Polycom RealConnect and Skype for Business – your FAQs

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realconnect-click-br-650x500-24388.jpgA guest post from Brennon Kwok, Polycom Asia Pacific’s regional UC Solution Architect for Microsoft and recognised by Microsoft as a
 Lync MVP:

At our recently held webinar ‘Click-to-join with Polycom RealConnect and Skype for Business’, we received a lot of interest and queries particularly around integration and use cases. Here, we reproduce some of the frequently asked questions about this solution and we invite you to submit your own queries.






Want to brush up on your “vidiquette”? Let Polly Calm help you!

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vidiot.pngDo you know why you shouldn’t wear checked shirts on camera? Or figured out why bad lighting can make such a difference to the effectiveness of a video call? If not, now’s the right time to brush up on your etiquette for video – or “vidiquette” as we like to call it. At Polycom, we use video every day, in every location, for virtually every meeting – and over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two. With video collaboration expected to be the world’s most preferred business communications tool, it’s only fair that we pass this knowledge on.  




How video can help sportspeople collaborate for the win!

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iStock_44851566_SMALL.jpgOver the past month, I have enjoyed watching some of the world’s greatest sportspeople competing and representing their countries with pride. Of course, as a Singaporean, I was overjoyed to witness my country’s first ever representation at the top of the podium at a global level. What struck me most was catching all the stories about this significant win and how much effort went in to achieve such success. This was not just a story of an individual’s incredible willpower and dedication, but a deeper collaborative and support system which involved coaches, sporting associations, families and many more. 




Supporting a Digital Thailand - Polycom’s hat trick last week

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demo2.jpgCollaboration is clearly all the rage in Thailand these days! We’ve had a flurry of activity in Bangkok recently – the launch of a new customer experience centre, our first Innovation Roadshow in the city, and a Microsoft O365 conference all in the same week! These events were heavily attended, spurring lots of interest and it’s been clear that making great collaboration happen is a key consideration for many businesses. Read on to find out what I’ve learned from our partners and customers in the country during this busy week.  





New webinar! Click-to-join with Polycom® RealConnect™ and Skype for Business

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LinkedInPromo1200x627.jpgSince its introduction in June 2014, Polycom has made major advancements toward the Polycom RealConnect solution, the first technology to connect Skype for Business video with existing video systems. Since then, Polycom RealConnect has become the de facto model for connecting Skype for Business/Lync clients and standards-based endpoints. In a brand new webinar next week, our in-house experts will reveal how to extend the Skype for Business experience by making it simple and intuitive for any user to join with one-click. Find out all the details here!  



Life-impacting technology delivered to Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam

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QN.jpgHaving worked at Polycom for the last 7 years, I always knew we enable great things with our technology which our customers use to do even greater things. The Quang Ninh Department of Health is no exception; they deployed the largest telemedicine network in Vietnam as they saw a critical need to extend healthcare services to the rural and remote communities.


Read on to find out more about our latest Polycom Superhero!




Polycom ranked a 'Leader' for group video systems in Gartner Magic Quadrant

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gartner.JPGGartner, the largest and most influential analyst firm in the world, has published its annual vendor comparison report of enterprise group video vendors. For the second consecutive year, Polycom is ranked a 'Leader' in group video systems along with Cisco and Vidyo. Gartner states that Polycom is “Microsoft’s strongest videoconferencing partner” and highlights the expansion of Polycom’s portfolio with recent innovations including RealPresence Trio, RealPresence Debut, RealPresence Centro and RealPresence Clariti. Polycom was also recognised for its continued leadership in standards-based interoperabili


Read the full report 




The shifting workspace - from huddle rooms to open collaboration

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I recently attended the Westcon Imagine events in Australia and New Zealand had the opportunity to present the findings from Polycom’s latest ANZ WPOTF report. It was a great opportunity to discuss Polycom’s focus on the workspace, experience and workflow and how our innovation in these areas are helping employers and employees collaborate more effectively.


*This interview first appeared in Tech Day NZ & Biz Edge NZ and Tech Day and IT Brief




The Royal Thai Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) – Polycom Superhero

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When you’re responsible for 9,762 public health centres and 800 hospitals in several regions in a country of more than 67 million people, The Royal Thai Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) had an urgent need to streamline communications and increase collaboration between provincial teams.  Learn how this government ministry - our MOPH.jpgfeatured Polycom Superhero – used video collaboration to effectively bring teams together to improve critical response times and significantly reduce costs.


The MOPH’s commitment to improving internal processes to provide the best care and critical response times to the people of Thailand, is why they are a Polycom Superhero.




Gabrielle Cichero - crop.jpgGabrielle Cichero was appointed Senior Director, Marketing for Polycom Asia Pacific and Japan in May 2016. Based in Sydney, she will oversee the overall marketing programs for the region as well as help grow the Polycom business.


An active volunteer, she spends her free time at the New South Wales Rural Fire Service, working in the Comms Room, supporting and helping people in emergency situations.


In this Q&A, she discusses her plans for her regional team, successful marketing strategies and how she balances work and family responsibilities.



Ministry of Public Administration & Security (MOPAS) – Polycom Superhero

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MOPAS.jpgWith the South Korean Government looking to the future and implementing a ‘Smart Work Vitalisation Strategy’, the Korean Ministry of Public Administration and Security (MOPAS) looked to Polycom’s Video Collaboration to support this project. MOPAS is responsible for affairs related to national administration, government organisations, personnel management, E-government and disaster management/public safety.


MOPAS’s commitment to support Korea’s ‘Smart Work Vitalisation Strategy’ by leveraging the power of video collaboration, makes them a Polycom APAC Superhero.



Telehealth and its applications in the healthcare industry have been in existence for the last decade; and despite its obvious value and benefits, telehealth has not reached widespread adoption as was expected.


healothcare-diagnostic-desktop.jpgA study by Tractica, places telehealth video consultation sessions at just 19.7 million in 2014. The same study predicts that telehealth video consultation is poised for strong and stable growth based on key technology enablers such as better video conferencing technologies, increased penetration of connected devices, and broadband adoption. Telehealth video consultations are projected to grow eight-fold to 158.4 million per year by 2020 thanks to expansion in healthcare use cases, deployments, and adoption.



Pratyasha.jpgA guest post by Pratyasha Malakar, PR Specialist, Polycom India


Victory is sweet! Especially, if your efforts to drive business value gets recognised at a global platform like the Frost & Sullivan Awards a second year running. Polycom were again named the 'Video Conferencing Equipment Vendor of the Year’ at the 2016 Frost & Sullivan India ICT Awards. 



Old-school or new age: Is technology a distraction in education?

by Polycom Employee Mei Lin Low (MeiLin_Low) ‎05-31-2016 10:50 AM - edited ‎05-31-2016 10:53 AM (4,943 Views)

I recently read with interest about a top school in Australia banning laptops in classrooms, citing the reason that technology was distracting and diverts from old-school methods and quality teaching. Although I can understand where this line of thinking stems from and hesitate to completely dismiss this notion, I believe it’s also vital that we understand the purpose and absolute relevance of technology in education. So let’s consider both sides of the argument. 




Pride of the huddle room, Polycom RealPresence Trio wins Red Dot Design Award!

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red dot.jpg

If you think this pictured collaboration solution pictured may look familiar - then you're absolutely right. Polycom® RealPresence Trio™, transforms Polycom's iconic three-point conference phone, one of the most popular appliances in the history of business meetings! 


Today, we are delighted to share the news that this first smart hub for group collaboration was awarded with the Red Dot, the international distinction for high design quality. Find out how RealPresence Trio is not only about style - but is rapidly transforming huddle rooms into collaboration hubs. 




Superhero Mondays: Oak Lawn Marketing stays a step ahead of competitors

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In a competitive retail market, Oak Lawn Marketing, a leading branding and media company connecting customers through its consumer brand, Shop Japan, is always looking for a competitive edge.  Oak Lawn Marketing's vision of "Enriching Lifestyles Worldwide" applies not only to customers, product partners and shareholders (NTT Docomo Group), but to also their employees and society as a whole.




Viet UC Seafood, a leading shrimp farming company in Vietnam paves the way for their industry as they leverage collaboration technology to improve manufacturing processes. It is a big deal when we think of the sheer geographical expanse of the company's farms, the factories, the dispersed manufacturing and technical teams – just managing schedules to meet can be such a time-consuming exercise, not to mention sharing information among the teams!


Read on to see how video collaboration not just transformed the company's workflows, but also brought about significant savings. 




Ready your huddle spaces for Office 365 online meetings

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How we connect and collaborate is changing. It's now about collaborating and working in real time with voice, video and content sharing–as a team. Don’t miss Polycom’s latest webinar ‘Ready your huddle spaces for Office 365 online meetings’ and learn how Polycom and Microsoft's industry leading collaboration solutions can help future proof these spaces.



What you need to know about Polycom RealPresence Clariti

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Roger.jpgCloud-first collaboration infrastructure software, flexible pricing and deployment options, and powerful options are all terms that come to mind when we talk about Polycom’s Polycom® RealPresence ClaritiTM  solution.


But what do these all mean for our customers and how will RealPresence Clariti address their collaboration challenges?  Roger Farnsworth, Polycom’s Senior Director, Infrastructure and Services Solutions Marketing was recently in Asia Pacific and helped us learn more.  





Brennon Kwok.jpgA guest post from Brennon Kwok, Polycom Asia Pacific’s regional UC Solution Architect for Microsoft and recognised by Microsoft as a Lync MVP:


When asked by CIOs to explain what’s key when assessing their future technology needs, it’s no surprise that Microsoft and its unified communications (UC) solutions are always integral to the conversation. On a recent visit to Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), I hosted a series of design clinics for partners and customers wanting to understand how they can be more effective at deploying 21st century collaboration technologies in a Microsoft-enabled Workplace of the Future. 




The new age demand for work environments

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MiwahVanPic - resized.jpgIn this guest blog, Miwah Van, Managing Director of consulting firm Unvorsum discusses the relationships between employee needs, workspace design and technology in enabling organisational collaboration. 


Advancements in technology are enabling us to work and live in a way that has never been possible before. A person is now able to turn their car into a taxi service with the likes of Uber, provide their professional skills to anyone, anywhere, at anytime on Freelancer, and if you ever fancied opening your own hotel - you now can with AirBnB.  Technology is providing individuals with an ever expanding range of options in how they work and earn a living - never before has there been so much ability for an individual to have a global presence nor the option to leverage underutilised personal resources to generate additional income.




Tony Simonsen.jpgTony Simonsen is Polycom's Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand. In this Q&A he discusses his first 100 days in the job, the evolution of Polycom's channel partners, and the trends driving the workplace of the future in ANZ. 


What have you learnt in your first 100 days in this role?
What I’ve found is that we’ve got a really good team of people in ANZ and globally, who are focused on a common set of objectives. There is a real spirit of embracing collaboration in everything we do here and truly enabling the Workplace of the Future.





Workplace Collaboration in ANZ – the key to our future economy and business performance

by Polycom Employee Kat Chia ‎03-24-2016 08:16 AM - edited ‎03-24-2016 08:25 AM (3,121 Views)

Following the Federal Government’s pledge to invest almost AUD$1.1 billion in the next four years to fund Australia’s ‘ideas boom’ and promote innovation, there has never been a more important time for ANZ businesses to evaluate and invest in the right workplace collaboration strategies. As Australia’s collaborative economy grows, business operators must develop new ways to bring together skills, expertise and knowledge of a diverse workforce, or risk being left behind.



Register now! Microsoft Conferencing in the Cloud webinar

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original.jpgA guest post by Niko Walraven, Director, Voice and UC Solutions Asia Pacific:

At our next webinar on Wednesday, March 23 you will hear the latest Microsoft and Polycom joint announcements that expand the reach of Office 365 and Skype for Business. Join me and my colleague Brennon Kwok as we take you through Polycom + Microsoft's winning partnership and how we can enhance your conferencing in the cloud experience. Register now to book your place at this session!






The on-demand webcast about Polycom's new breakthrough solutions is available for replay. Watch it now
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