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Auto-sharing content not supported on Group 500?



We would like to enable auto-sharing of HDMI content (both locally and in-call) for our installed base of Group 500s paired with the older Touch Control panels. All Group 500s are currently running the latest 6.1.1. Is auto-sharing content no longer supported with this configuration?


On the administration page, under "Admin Settings -> Audio/Video -> Video Inputs", there is no option related to auto-sharing of content for particular inputs. Issuing an "autoshowcontent get" to the API does return "autoshowcontent on". However, connecting a source to the desired HDMI input does not trigger content sharing. Users must manually select "Show Content" and then select the (single) input to begin sharing. They must also deselect the input to disable sharing, otherwise the Group 500 continues to share a black screen.


Does anyone know if there are additional steps to enable automatic sharing on the Group 500s? (or 310s or 700s?).


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Re: Auto-sharing content not supported on Group 500?

It is not an option in the UI, but the API command for it still exists.  Check out the Integrator's Reference Guide for the 'autoshowcontent' command.