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HDX 7000: Firmware upgrade 2.03 to Hanging during install (i guess)



Our video-conference system hdx 7000 was never updated since it was buyed in 2009. Now we want use SIP instead of ISDN too. After some problems we decided to upgrade the software from to 2.61.3-5205.


I just did a login via webinterface and select the upgrade file. The process was starting and it took around 30 minutes that the system starts a reboot. Since more then four hours after this reboot nothing happens so far.It always the same screen. Please take a look to the attsched screenshots!


Current screen after four hours running: 


Is this a normal way ? Does it takes so long (so much time) ?

The system is still ping able , but a connect to the web interface is refused. :-(


What can i do more ? Power on/off or wait ?