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HDX7000 and multiple micophones


We are having our boardroom refurbished, and I have been asked to investigate elegant way to improve voice capture for our POlycom HDX7000 unit. Current we have a single Polycom 2215-23327-001 microphone , which struggles to capture people sitting on the ends of the boardroom table (which is approx 4m long).


I understand that multiple microphones can be connected connected together ? (but multiple wires coming from each unit..eyesore on desk :( ). Is it just a matter for connecting them in an array, and how can linked together?


Any ideas?



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Re: HDX7000 and multiple micophones

Take a look at >>> HDX Admin's Guide <<<, "Connecting Devices to the Polycom HDX 7000 Series Microphone Input".

The total length from HDX system to the first Polycom microphone can vary between 18 in and 100 ft. The maximum length between subsequent microphones is 25 ft.

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