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RealPresence group 310/500/700 -> API - battery - temperature



I have several Group series in my park and i want to export all temperature and the battery levels of the remote controls.


Seems these is no command for this ?!


On HDX we had only "  temperature " on the logs. But for Real presence all has disappeared.


Could you help me on this matter ? then i will use SPLUNK to monitor all this command.



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Re: RealPresence group 310/500/700 -> API - battery - temperature

A couple of responses I got from some engineers:


All depends on what  SPLUNK can do, telnet API I don’t think there is a command for that, MIB will work but does SPLUNK do SNMP, also is ther a REST API for this and does SPLUNK support HTML5. Again it depends on them.



There is no real API for this… however, there IS a MIB classification in the enhanced SNMP in Group.
This is more appropriate to any management suite exercise.