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Realpresence Desktop: Bulk contacts import or importing contacts from other Polycom devices?

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Hello there!


So our organisation makes use of various Polycom products across the country. We have some Polycom Group Series 500 & 300 in our bigger offices, and Polycom Debuts in our smaller offices.


Recently after having worked with the demo versions of Polycom Realpresence Desktop, we bought about 15 licenses we're going to distribute.


However, before distributing I want to know:

- Is there an easy way to 'bulk import' contacts (the details of all our other sites) to all these devices in one go?




- I am aware of the 'import / export' profile function that works with an XML file in RPD. I was at first excited as I thought I could import an XML file from the Polycom Debut into the Realpresence desktop - but the file is not compatible, though it is XML as well. I then noticed that the writing differs between the Debut's export XML file and the RPD's XML file.


So apart from manually inputting the contact details in RPD, and then distributing that file so others have to upload - is there another simpler way?


thank you!


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