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Walta cable 50ft for Realpresence GS500

Hi all,

it is possible to use the walta cable PN 2457-29051-001 between a GS500 and the first Mic?


I found different indication about this possibility.


Thanks for your help.



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Re: Walta cable 50ft for Realpresence GS500

Our customers use 50ft mic cables with Group 310/500 and it works ok.

We didn't notice any issues. 



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Re: Walta cable 50ft for Realpresence GS500

There is a section in the Integrator's Reference Guide about what is supported about the CLink2 cables.  Look at the section about Custom Cabling for Polycom RealPresence Group Microphone Arrays.


It has this in it:

The total length from the RealPresence Group system to the first Polycom microphone array or SoundStation IP 7000 phone can vary between 18 in and 100 ft. The maximum length between subsequent microphone arrays is 25 ft.