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What is Default ID/Password for HDX-7000

1- I was trying to log in to HDX-7000 portal


using this ID: admin and password: 456

also using ID: Polycom and password: 456


but it didn't work also I reseted the unit and tried above login details again , still it doesn't work


Any hint?


2- I am trying to use the remote control that come with the unit . but the unit is not responding.


please note that I am not using any Polycom Camera . is it required to have a Polycom camera to use the


remote control.


I read that there's some setting for the remote but this go back to point 1 because I am not able to login


Awaiting your answers






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Re: What is Default ID/Password for HDX-7000

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Hello Omar,


welcome to the Polycom Community.


I have moved your post to the correct section and we encourage all members to utilize the search functionality as demonstrated => here <= as you can find plenty of answered Posts within this community already dealing with the very same question.


This is also explained on page 8.3 => here <= in the Admin Guide.


Admin ID:

Specifies the ID for the administrator account. The default Admin ID is admin. Admin IDs are not case sensitive


Admin Room Password:

Specifies the password for administrator access when logging in to the system locally.
When this password is set, you must enter it to configure the system Admin Settings using the remote control.

The password cannot contain spaces or be more than 40 characters.

Passwords are case sensitive.
The default Admin Room Password is the 14-digit system serial number from the System Information screen or the
back of the system.


For your question 2, the IR Sensor for the HDX is built into the Camera.


Best Regards


Steffen Baier


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Re: What is Default ID/Password for HDX-7000

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Dear Steffen,


you answers was very help full.


the first point was cleared.


but I still have issue regarding the second point.  I don't have the Camera


is there any other solution to use the remote control?



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Re: What is Default ID/Password for HDX-7000

I guess I found a solution for the Remote Control Issue .


I'm planning to get an IR sensor and attach it to HDCI Input on PIN #3 and PIN #7, I will


try it and post the result .