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connecting RPG 700 to RMX with video problem

I recently installed Polycom RPG 700 and it connects well with other Polycom devices. The problem is when i connect it to RMX bridge, all the bandwidth is consumed by video Rx and very little used by video Tx, thereby the other site can not see the video of mine. Audio is working fine. The problem is however only when the call is initiated from my end point. When the call is initiated from the bridge, the video Rx and Tx are using the bandwidth equally upto 200k and video was ok from both ends. Is this issue with RMX signalling and media IP not able to communicate with the RPG series? Thanks.

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Re: connecting RPG 700 to RMX with video problem

What versions of RPG and RMX are involved?

Can you provide your config file of the RPG?

Can you get/provide a packet capture of the problem call being established?

Are there different network devices (router/firewall) on the path to the RMX different from the path to the working endpoints?