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frequency of upload of calls.xml

Hi community


Does anyone know the frequency of the upload of the calls.xml from vvx devices?  either running 4.1.7, 5.4.3 or 5.5.1 loads


I have checked in the admin guides but it does not contain this info...


I looked at the frequesncy of calls however it does not seem to be consistant as a vvx501 will upload calls.xml after 3,4 and 5 calls.  The size also seems to be the same in each upload so dont see a pattern there (632 bytes).  Lastly I looked at frequency of time however again this did not work out as the device was uploading after both 2 and 3 seconds...


Is anyone able to confirm if there is a pattern?  The logging on the phone does not seem to be linked to this as defaults in admin guide state 32Kb sizes, I know that 16Kb is uploaded when the 32Kb size is reached and then deleted from the phones memory so does not seem to suggest a link to calls.xml.