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BT600 keeps going to low fidelity mode

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BT600 keeps going to low fidelity mode

I've been using a Voyager UC and BT600 headset for several years without issue.  Teams calls and streaming music has always been high fidelity (BT600 blinks light purple).


I got a new laptop last week (Dell running Windows 10 Education) and now I'm having issues with my headset.  When I initally connect the BT600.. it starts as high fidelity (flashing light purple), but after opening new videos on youtube or new tracks on iTunes (usually after 2 or 3), it switches to low fidelity (BT600 flashes blue) and the sound quality is horrible (almost mono, very compressed, no high frequencies).  Both firmware versions for BT600 and Voyager UC are up to date.


I tried working with Plantronics support, but they seemed to have given up and say it needs to be replaced.


Please let me know if you have any troubleshooting tips.  Thanks!!!

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Re: BT600 keeps going to low fidelity mode

I'm having the same issue. The USB dongle keeps flashing blue as if the headset is in a call, causing it to go into call mode (low fidelity)


I was able to find a workaround, by unplugging the usb dongle and pairing the Headset directly to the PC via bluetooth.


I am not having the low fidelity issue, but the headset is not able to connect to the Plantronics hub now.


I'm thinking there may be a driver issue, but who knows


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Re: BT600 keeps going to low fidelity mode

Hello @xanman2112,


Welcome to Poly Community.


Troubleshooting or providing support via the community is outside the scope for myself as a Poly employee. The only other thing you may try is using another BT600 USB adapter (ignore if Poly support already recommended this as a part of troubleshooting) of another colleague in office or buy separately to isolate the issue with headset. In case this is not possible and if Poly support has already troubleshooted the issue then please replace the unit since your comment itself indicates the headset has been in service for quite some time so it seems unit is through its useful period now.




I will also recommend the same to you too. And importance of using a BT600 vs direct pairing can be seen here.


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