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BT700 mono audio

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BT700 mono audio

I have a Focus 2 headset (Microsoft Teams edition) with BT700 bluetooth adapter on a Windows laptop. The audio from the BT700 keeps reverting to mono (like when on a Teams call). The light on the BT700 is solid blue when the audio quality drops and outputs mono, and the light blinks purple when outputting HD audio in stereo.


The only way I have found to force the BT700 to output HD stereo audio is to do the following while audio is playing on the laptop: Open "Sound Settings" then click on "Manage Sound Devices". After doing that, the headset plays HD audio in stereo, but if the audio stops playing for 10 seconds or more, then the BT700 reverts to low quality mono again.


Anyone else having this issue?

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Re: BT700 mono audio

Same problem, and thanks for the workaround.

This does not happen on my desktop, only on my laptop.

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Re: BT700 mono audio

Hello @dcase008,


Welcome to the Poly Community.


The sound options you are mentioning could not be located by me on my Windows computer. Also few details are missing from your question.


Usually, we ask for this:

Both the communities Must Read First and the FAQ reference the basic minimum information a new or follow up post should contain.

This ensures the questions having to be asked are limited and any new or follow up post contains the right amount of details to ensure any voluntary participant within the community does not spend additional time chasing basic information.

As a reminder the basic information asked for:

      • Provide the exact firmware Version of your wired or wireless Headset/Speaker/USB dongle/personal camera or video bar
      • Provide the UC application or softphone Platform version in use
      • Exact Windows version or MAC OS in use
      • If possible provide the Product ID or PID of the device.
      • Video of the issue
      • Provide details for example if the issue is a day 1 issue or only happened after an upgrade or any other relevant details
      • For questions around Support please check here


Whilst providing some of these details may not directly impact any possible answer the community can provide, it does enable Poly to have an overview of the current software used. In addition, providing all details at the same time allow us to look up potential support partners if an issue needs to come into support.


Within this official Poly hosted and moderated Community we cannot support any post's about repairing Poly equipment as this may place users in danger.


Posting a serial will enable us to look up the history of a device and point out potential partners who can help you RMA the unit.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.




Best Regards,


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