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Voyager Focus 2 Mute On/Off Feedback

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Voyager Focus 2 Mute On/Off Feedback

I have the Voyager Focus 2 wireless headset and there is a Mute On/Off feedback that is quite annoying.  Is there a way to turn that function off?

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Re: Voyager Focus 2 Mute On/Off Feedback

Hello @Brink  ,


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Thank you for sharing this.


The mute on/off alerts are basic design features of this headset (and other models also). So there are certain limitation to what extent you can control them. You can only disable mute reminders in headset settings via HUB/Lens software on Windows/MAC (selected headsets can also use Plantronics HUB mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones to explore these settings). So Mute Reminders are a periodic audio tone which occurs if you are speaking without realizing your mic. is muted. So this reminder alert can be disabled. However, Mute On/off dialogue on press of Mute button of headset cannot be disabled completely.


So you can do following:


Pressing Mute to Mute the mic. = Headset will announce "Mute On" and it cannot be disabled.


However unmuting the headset has 2 options you can choose from if you prefer to not hear "Mute Off."


For Mute Off alert you can only choose from below settings under HUB/Lens:


- tone & voice

- tone only


No other settings are currently available under HUB/Lens other than these options. 


The other way to put it simply is that the moment you press the mute button to mute/unmute then the headset is bound to announce the status headset mic. goes into. You can only replace the responses for "Mute Off" from the above mentioned options.


Other than this there are no settings to control this behavior and they are there as per the design of headset firmware. I advise that you should submit this feedback via our official support channels like chat, email or phone call to technical support team so that they can record this in their ticketing system and share it with concerned team. This helps create visibility to concerned teams at Poly as what particular set of features/design improvements are being demanded by majority of users and depending on the feasibility some features may eventually get delivered via future firmware updates or perhaps in a form of new product/s.


Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

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