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Why are BT600 USB Bluetooth Adapters Needed vs. Pairing the Headset/Speaker Directly to the PC/MAC?

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Why are BT600 USB Bluetooth Adapters Needed vs. Pairing the Headset/Speaker Directly to the PC/MAC?

Poly Bluetooth UC devices are full-featured and designed for optimal user experience. To fully benefit from the advanced functionality and have the most reliable audio experience, it is required that the headset/speaker is paired via the BT600 USB Bluetooth adapter versus paired directly to the PC/MAC. Poly provides function and additional benefits through the BT600 USB adapter in the following ways:


  • PC/MAC Bluetooth systems can vary widely in design and capability. By providing a USB Bluetooth adapter, Poly can ensure a better audio experience because we control both ends of the wireless connection
  • The USB Bluetooth adapter functions as an audio processor, which assures the best audio experience through wideband audio support providing the highest voice quality. If connected directly to the PC/MAC, wideband audio is not possible
  • Without the USB Bluetooth adapter, PC/MAC Bluetooth systems do not typically provide capability to use the call control from the headset. Calls must be managed from the PC/MAC GUI and the buttons on the headset do not function. This eliminates mobility and provides a poor user experience
  • The USB Bluetooth adapter supports Poly software which provides advanced features, customization, as well as firmware upgrade capability
  • PC/MACs typically do not support all the required Bluetooth profiles or may assign the wrong Bluetooth profile to an application. The result can be poor audio quality, loss of audio on microphone or earphone, and inconsistent operation

The USB Bluetooth adapters enumerates to the computer as an audio device and therefore cannot act as a USB storage device. That being said, BT600 adapters cannot be used to access data on the PC/MAC.

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