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Adding ISDN party to rmx conference

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Adding ISDN party to rmx conference

My Question is almost the same as this stack overflow question (

In there the answer is "Thanks to a little help from someone at Polycom, I found out that the following node is required for this:

auto.  I added that to the PARTY node, and now all is well."


However that looks weird to me because normally nodes are all upper case for the rmx api, and if its a value he doesnt say what the node is.


To explain the issue so you dont have to go to the SO post Im trying to start a meeting (or add a party to an existing meeting), however I keep getting this error

Conference bit rate must be set to a minimum of 128Kbps to enable ISDN participant connection


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
         <NAME>og test 1</NAME>
         <DISPLAY_NAME>og test 1</DISPLAY_NAME>

 I have traced the rmx managers calls for the same operations, and populated so many fields but always get the same error.  The above is really bear minimum and i was hoping to keep it that way (manager adds alot more profiling info).  

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Re: Adding ISDN party to rmx conference

After alot of troubleshooting and wiresharking on this error I found a combination of 2 properties being the issue:


Reservation object needs:



Party object needs:

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