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CUCM Integration

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CUCM Integration

I have completed integration from CUCM 8.5 to CMA. This is basically a h/323 trunk between CUCM to CMA.


With this, I'm able to place calls from any Cisco phone to RMX bridge calls. This avoid using the PRI for incoming calls. Audio is working fine, but when I have a 9971 Cisco Video Phone. Only audio works and Video gets an error message on the RMX under connection status:

Video Disconn cuase:

video connection could not be establishedP

Possible solution:

Match conf video settings with remote device video capabilities


if I look at the RMX h.245 info, I get:

Remote Capabilites:

G722_64k - 20 milli packet duration

h.264 - 38400 bps

 0 frame rate per second

 264Mode: standar

BaseLine Profile

level 3


Any idead on what I need to check?







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Re: CUCM Integration

Updating information for those having the same problem.


                SIP Endpoint Video and Camera Support for Cisco Unified IP Phones 8961, 9951, and 9971


                Cisco Unified CME 8.6 and later versions add phone-based video support and Universal Serial Bus (USB) camera support for Cisco Unified IP Phones 8961, 9951, and 9971. The Cisco Unified IP Phones 8961, 9951, and 9971 display local video using the USB camera. Cisco Unified IP Phones 9951 and 9971 with phone load 9.1.1 decode remote incoming video RTP streams and display the video on the phone's display screen. However, the video and USB camera capabilities of these two phones are disabled on Cisco Unified CME by default and are enabled by setting up the video and camera parameters in the phone provisioning file.


                Cisco Unified CME 8.6 supports local SIP-video-to-SIP-video calls and SIP-video-to-SCCP-CUVA-video calls on Cisco Unified IP Phones 8961, 9951, and 9971 on the line side. On the trunk side, SIP video call is only supported with SIP trunk. H323 trunk is not supported for video calls on Cisco Unified IP Phones 9951 and 9971.


                The media path for SIP video call is flow through and media flow-around is not supported for SIP line in Cisco Unified CME.

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Re: CUCM Integration

You wrote about CUCME, on CUCM calls to RMX2000 from Cisco CP-9971 and 9951 works fine, using H.323 trunk. 

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