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Cisco Jabber w/ Polycom RMX 4000

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Cisco Jabber w/ Polycom RMX 4000


Hosting bridge - Polycom RMX 4000 -

Cisco VCS - Control and Expressway for Cisco Jabber Clients


Does anyone in the community currently use or have tested with using Cisco Jabber in video conferences hosted on an RMX bridge?


We have encountered a couple of known issues when using Jabber with RMX bridge. If using the Cisco "free" cloud for the server the client crashes after 1-2 minutes on a call hosted on RMX. Known bug with an assigned bug ID from Cisco. 


Recently we encountered when using the VCS control and expressway a call between Jabber and the RMX loses outbound video at exactly 15 minutes everytime. Jabber participant stays connected to the conference however all other connected sites cannot see their video after the 15 minute mark. Jabber participant must disconnect and reconnect to conference to make video work for another 15 minutes.


This does not happen on calls hosted on the Codian bridge; strictly on the RMX. 


Please provide any information you think might be helpful!


Thank you in advance! 

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Re: Cisco Jabber w/ Polycom RMX 4000

Follow up: Of all things it was a bad SFP on our switch, replaced this and tested multiple times. This correct our issue.

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