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Cisco TCS fails to record with RMX

Jason Neurohr
Occasional Contributor

Cisco TCS fails to record with RMX

Hi All,

I have a TCS version 5.3 registered to Polycom DMA dialling into an Polycom RMX running version 8.5. The call establishes fine and from another device i can see the recording countdown etc.


Meanwhile on the TCS interface the recording box is grey, and when I disconnect the TCS the video is removed and never enters the transcoding queue in the web interface.


In the transcoding engine logs I find the following message. Has anyone seen this before with the RMX and TCS. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Warning: Decoding video, Decoder reported error [session_id = 0, error_message = FAILURE to decode packet] - Sending FPU request

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