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Clariti Concurrent Meeting Licensing

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Clariti Concurrent Meeting Licensing

If I have 16 concurrent meeting licenses and 31 concurrente Audio/P2P licenses for Clariti:

- Is it enough with a DMA in Rack Server 230 to cover the total concurrent calls that can be achieved with this licensing?
- Without active VMRs and with this licensing, how many point-to-point calls could be made simultaneously in total?
- Would calls to a Media Suite VRR or cascades between RPCS for Clariti consume licenses?

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Clariti Concurrent Meeting Licensing



I cannot find the hardware specs of the current rack server 230, but I've attached the min/max VMware requirements of all RP Clariti VE components.

With the min VE deployment the DMA supports 200, with the max deployment 5000 concurrent calls per instance.

But the bottleneck is not the DMA, it is the collaboration server. Do you also have the RPCS 1830 or RMX2000/4000 appliance?

For infrastructure I recommend to consult your RP Clariti certified Polycom partner for providing you the right solution design instead of the community.




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Re: Clariti Concurrent Meeting Licensing



I have 5 RPCS1800.


I put this case as an exercise. Whenever for me the answers to the questions would be: -NO, -47, -YES.


But for a Clariti certified partner, the answers are: -YES, -431, -YES


Hardware specs in:


But I would use the DMA as appliance, not as Virtual Edition:




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Re: Clariti Concurrent Meeting Licensing

Hi chiquillo1979,


according to page 15 of the DMA release notes (your second link) the R230 supports deployments with 200 or fewer licensed concurrent calls.


Appliance Edition

This version of the RealPresence DMA system, Appliance Edition, can be installed on the following Polycom servers:

Polycom Rack Server 620 (R620)

Polycom Rack Server 630 (R630)

Polycom Rack Server 640 (R640)

Polycom Rack Server 220 (R220)deployments with 200 or fewer licensed concurrent calls

Polycom Rack Server 230 (R230)deployments with 200 or fewer licensed concurrent calls

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