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ContentConnect - Clear All Logs and High CPU

Nick Terry
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ContentConnect - Clear All Logs and High CPU

I've got a RealPresence ContentConnect server appliance running on VMware with the latest version and patches ( I have a couple of questions:


  • Is it possible to clear all of the logs (system log, gateway log, system alerts) in one go? I can only see an option to clear down the system event in this way. I have loads of items in each section which coupled with the high browser CPU issue (see the next bullet) will take me ages to get through
  • Whilst navigating through the Web UI it seems sluggish and hangs for a few seconds frequently. Looking in Task Manager the CPU is using 100% of one of the cores. I've upgraded Flash Player to the latest version to see if that helped but it doesn't seem to make any difference. I've check the VM resources and CPU, memory and disk look fine; I'm not sure how to check how much disk space is free (can I get to the Linux shell?). Has anyone else experienced this sluggishness? I've already done the usual reboots, shutdowns etc.
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Re: ContentConnect - Clear All Logs and High CPU

Hi Nick,


Log in to the ContentConnect server Web Configuration Tool and select Maintenance > Gateway



you will get all detail :


Physical Memory Size .

Free Memory Size .

Total Disk Size .

Free Disk Size .


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