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'Failed to configure the Media card IP address"


'Failed to configure the Media card IP address"

We have an RMX2000, which without having any change in the network shows the following error:


Code: Failed to configure the Media card IP address


Description: Card ID:1 , Unit ID:1 Unit Type Media CPU, Description: Failure Type: Duplicate IP


Can someone advise what this error could mean? We have search the logs in our system and there is no duplicate IP address.


Thanks in advance for your promprt replies.


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Re: 'Failed to configure the Media card IP address"

It's telling you there is another NIC with the same IP address SOMEWHERE on the network the media port is plugged into..


For troubleshooting, start with disconnecting the media port, plug a laptop in using the same cable as the RMX Media port and ping the original (Media) port..   


When the ping hits an endpoint, then Yes, you do have a duplicate.   Get a hold of the IT folks and get them to track it down (using the MAC they should be able to find it fairly quickly).. 


Then put the RMX back online.


Good Luck,


Gary M

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Re: 'Failed to configure the Media card IP address"

Thanks for your reply,


Unfortunately, while removing the cable from the Polycom Card  the ping stops to respond, something which actually means to me that there is no IP confict on the network..


Is there any chance to hardware reset the card or something else?




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