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Has VBP 4350 really a low traffic limit?

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Has VBP 4350 really a low traffic limit?



as to see in the following thread: Link


I had to limit the traffic between VBP 4350 and our Systems, because our HDX could only communicate with a limited Bandwidth of 1472 kbps. But now after routing all our external calls over the VBP, we getting information from users about bad quality in video and audio.


I would like to know what is the maximal bandwidth of the VBP? If it is higher than our set limit of 1472 kbps, what could be the problem between our HDX 8000 and VBP 4350.


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Re: Has VBP 4350 really a low traffic limit?

Please, provide more detailed call info, that can be found during the call.

"Bad quality" can be caused by too many factors, like bad light in room, bad audio situation, even broken display :)

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Re: Has VBP 4350 really a low traffic limit?

A more detailed explanation for bad Quality is:

- a smaller resolution

- losing Picture, but not the voice communication

- losing connection and need to reconnect

- laggy picture or/and audio communication

- high latency


These are the facts, which i got from the users. I looked up into the CMA 4000 (Reports --> Endpoint Usage Report --> User) and the reports of the Connection from the Users are showing me, that there weren't any issues with bandwidth.


Do i need to look somewhere else for more detailed Information?

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Re: Has VBP 4350 really a low traffic limit?

The vbp has a limit of maximum 3 mbit bandwith for voice and data traffic.

This is not a "per call limit", but the maximum traffic for all devices.

During a call take a look in the call statistics and check the bandwith of the connection, the audio-video codecs and the packet loss.



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