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ISDN Setup


ISDN Setup



I recently received a request to setup a ISDN connection. I currently have a RMX 1500 and do not have a RTM ISDN card installed. I am fairly new to this and have a few basic questiosn to better help me moving forward.


1. I won't be able to make any type of ISDN call without RTM ISDN card and ISDN lines, correct?

2. If I complete item #1, I will then to able to complete ISDN to IP calls using the RMX, correct? I have read the RMX admin guide on how to setup the ISDN/PTSN services. The RMX should complete this for me I believe.

3. After completing item #1 and #2, would the outside caller (ISDN caller) be able to place a call to an inside user, using the CMA desktop? If so, can someone tell me, or point me to directions on acheiving this?

4. Here are the requirements from the requester. It appears they are mean't to be configured on a Cisco Switch. But, with my setup (RMX, DMA and RPRM) and completing the above requirements, can I achieve this to meet these requirements:


ISDN BRI Service Specification

* Both B channels must carry circuit-switched collaboration data simultaneously. One channel should support voice.

* The ISDN BRI service must allow collaboration calls to be dialed on either B channel or on both simultaneously.

* The D channel should not permit X.25 packet data.

* The ISDN BRI service must be configured as Terminal Type A.

* The ISDN BRI service must support automatic Terminal Endpoint Identifiers (TEIs).

* The ISDN BRI service must be tariffed and available at the user site.

* Because the system recognizes only the last seven digits when passing the local number to the far end for a BONDING

    call, any digits preceding the last seven digits must be the same for each ISDN line connected to the system.


Note: The ISDN provider should not block BRI collaboration transmissions into its data network.



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