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KB3002657 Fix available now?

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KB3002657 Fix available now?

After the Microsoft  KB3002657 patch, users can no longer logon via the CMA to do video conferences.   The three workarounds aren't really applicable in our large environment.


The resolutions listed for the CMA indicate to upgrade to CMA 6.2.7 which will be available end of May 2015.   Is there a way to get this release earlier as we are struggling.


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Re: KB3002657 Fix available now?

I feel your pain... I really do...


I was on holiday when then patch was released and it broke so much. We had to upgrade our Resource Manager to to fix all our endpoint provisioning etc.


Also a problem we still have now, is CSS.. We run 1.3 on the server with 1.2 on the clients (installed on for 16,000 users... We are speaking to the engineering team who have just released to us a 1.4.1 HF that will work now... HOWEVER, we can't go to it because it means ugrading the server to 1.4, and then all 16,000 clients to the new client. 


Anyone who works in a large company should be feeling our pain right now... Hence why we are migrating to S4B and RealConnect to remove this add-on..

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Re: KB3002657 Fix available now?



There isn't much I can do to accelerate the release of the 6.2.7 patch but there is a workaround that will at least get it so your AD authenticated users can log in with their CMAD/RPD clients again.


It's a little complicated so it would be best to open a Service Request but in a nutshell what it involves is running a packet capture on the CMA server and then having a client attempt to log in. From the packet capture we will be able to find the NETBIOS name that the CMA server is using to authenticate with AD. The name will be PLCM- and a series of numbers. What you then have to do is create a new computer account in AD for that name and assigne it a password. You then configure CMA with the same information.

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