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MGC-25 CAS setup; NOT PRI! Anyone ever got this to work?


MGC-25 CAS setup; NOT PRI! Anyone ever got this to work?

Hi everyone, I hope the subject says it all; simple objective - get the MGC-25 to connect to a PBX using either it's PRI 1A or PRI 1B interfaces although the labeling is terribly biased since the MGC is supposed to support CAS as well as PRI and in my case I just want an old fashioned robbed-bit CAS setup.


Of course I got the PBX to work with a cheap channel bank in 5 minutes just to test my CAS config.


However the MGC is exhibiting what I would normally identify as hardware problems or just bad cabling. Either A or B interfaces are not seeing anything; no clock no nothing and producing LOSS. So this is way before any signaling comes to play. So I know the cables are good since I just used it for the channel bank.


Tried both carrier side or customer side in the MGC config - no go although I doubt they can control polarity on those cards via software. Anywho in summary if anyone has actually done this setup (please don't recite manual) please do ping me with some feedback on the wiring or whatever else might be causing the low-level LOSS


Thank you!

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