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Need Help with "Auto Redialing" RMX2000

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Need Help with "Auto Redialing" RMX2000



I've a big problem! The feature to automatically redial participants that have been abnormally disconnected from the conference does not work, or maybe I use the wrong method to test it (unplug LAN-cable and after a short time I plug it in again)


Following Scenario:


RMX2000 v.

CMA4000 v.5.5

All endpoints are HDX8000, registered to the CMA-Gatekeeper.


- Conferences are scheduled in the CMA

- The tick box "Auto Redial" in the Conference-template (CMA) is checked

- The tick box "Auto Redialing" in the Conference-Profile (RMX) is checked

-  I set the system flags "NUMBER_OF_REDIAL" = 5 and "REDIAL_INTERVAL_IN_SECONDS" = 20


I scheduled some conferences. If I disconnect and reconnect the LAN-Cable, the RMX indicates a participant alert, but the RMX does not try to redial this participant. 


My questions:

Have I forgot something to configure?

Have I done something wrong?

Is disconnecting and reconnecting the LAN-Cable a good method to test the "auto Redialing"?

If not, how can I test this feature?



Please help me!!!

Thanks a lot!!


best regards



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Re: Need Help with "Auto Redialing" RMX2000



Are these sites dial in or dial out ?   I've only used "Auto Redial" in dial out situations and in previous versions, has worked.   I've not tested the lastest release.


Gary M

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Re: Need Help with "Auto Redialing" RMX2000

Hi Gary,


thanks for your reply!


They are all dial out. (Dial out works fine!)


I've tried the "Auto Redial" in release and without success.

On Monday I will upgrade the RMX to 7.6.138 and try again, but I don't think this will solve the problem.



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Re: Need Help with "Auto Redialing" RMX2000



As I know, the "auto redialing" works only at the initial connection. If the the participant is disconnected this feature does not act. 

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Re: Need Help with "Auto Redialing" RMX2000



Is anyone using this feature? I'm facing similar difficulties trying to enable this.


Another point that I would like to raise is about audible alarms when participants are disconnected. There is an alert for this (dial out) but there is no audio on it. Has anyone surpassed this?


DMA, RM, RMX, RPAD in the latest version.



Fabio Rigotto
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Re: Need Help with "Auto Redialing" RMX2000

Hello Fabio,

welcome to the Polycom Community.

Its quite bad practice to state "latest software" as a week, month or a year down the line nobody looking at this post will know what that software version was at the time of posting.


Please always include the actual software version.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

Polycom Global Services

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Re: Need Help with "Auto Redialing" RMX2000

Hi Steffen,


Thank you very much for your prompt return. I understand your point, please find below the information:


DMA 6.2.1_P1_Build_185029


RMX 1 -

RMX 2 -






Fabio Rigotto
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Re: Need Help with "Auto Redialing" RMX2000

Hi Steffen,


Dou you have any additional comment to make regarding this issue?




Fabio Rigotto
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