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Persistant Rooms and Default EQ's

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Persistant Rooms and Default EQ's



I have a situation that is presenting a huge problem at this point. I have a CMA4000 & RMX1500 that are configured well and working fine for the most part. My issue is that on my iPhone (internal or external) when I connect to the bridge unit I get the standard "enter your room #" screen and accessability; however when I use my polycom units I drop directly into a persistant conference room.

Why would one system, the iPhone, be doing the correct way while all the interal polycoms are won't go to the "select room" prompt? How can I change it? And will I need to do this on the external ip as well?

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Re: Persistant Rooms and Default EQ's

You don't mention what the different devices are using for dial strings to connect to the RMX. If all the devices are just dialing the signaling IP of the RMX or the E.164 alias of the RMX then they should all end up in the default entry queue and be prompted for a conference ID. However, if a device is a defined dial-in participant in a conference the entry queue will be bypassed and the participant will be placed directly into that conference.

Michael K. Bromley, CVE, CCENT, WCNA, VCA-DCV
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