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Polycom RMX/DMA and Skype for Business Online

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Polycom RMX/DMA and Skype for Business Online


I am new here and just subscribed in order to get some clarifications about the topic in the subject:

In my organization, we have an old (equipment was bought back on 2008) Polycom infrastructure made by 1 Video Border Proxy 5300, 2 RMX 1500, 2 DMA 7000 and some HDX 8000/4500 end devices.

We have recently migrated our MS services to Azure/Office 365.

I would like to know whether it is possible to integrate this infrastructure with Skype for Business Online. When on premises, we didn't have it fully configured, but it was working from Outlook invitation links for example.

Can this be accomplished with SfB Online? Is there a basic guideline or how-to for the start?

If DMA/RMX can't be helped, perhaps there is a chance to start a SfB Online meeting straight from the end devices? This is the case for Webex, but apparently there is no such general video address for SfB Online. 


Thank you in advance for your help.


Best regards,

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Re: Polycom RMX/DMA and Skype for Business Online

Hi @Gianluca,


yes it´s possible to use Polycom infrastructure with Skype for Business users registered online. It´s called RealConnect on-prem for SfB online "Phase 5.1". I think you need to contact your reseller or Polycom to implement this, it´s not that easy and I think there is no detailed Guide for this. Have a look here to have a first impression:



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