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Polycom RMX Integration with Lync Edge - "SIP NO ADDR FOR MEDIA -0"


Re: Polycom RMX Integration with Lync Edge - "SIP NO ADDR FOR MEDIA -0"

Sean, while i was getting that NO ADDR error, i had noticed that my signalling monitor was showing ice_udp_firewall_disabled message. I then started again from scratch and recreated a user in the AD as "rmxmcu", gave Remote Access and Federation permission to this user in LYNC. I then added "rmxmcu" in the RMX SIP ADVANCE configuration and selected the environment as "MS".


Although the RMX did not prompt me for a reboot (which was strange), i forecefully rebooted the RMX and upon reboot, i saw that it had detected my EDGE server as "RELAY" in the signalling monitor and i got the message ice_udp_firewall_enabled.


once this was done, my Lync Users connected thru my EDGE were able to join video calls hosted on RMX.


Do you also have a situation where your LYNCPOOL is in a different SIP domain than your External Lync User SIP? If yes, then you need to ensure that the user ID which you created above (rmxmcu), should be in the SIP domain of your LYNCPOOL.




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Re: Polycom RMX Integration with Lync Edge - "SIP NO ADDR FOR MEDIA -0"



For now, the RMX only supports UDP for video to the RMX MPM card. In an Lync Edge configuration, the RMX signalling IP address communicates directly to the Lync Front End to determine the Lync Edge server. During a Remote/Federation call, the Lync Edge server communicates with the MPM card for media directly.


In all cases of customers having issues, it is largely been related to network access or ports not being opened. If you would like to create a separate thread for your issue, you can use this new thread to list the exact symptoms youa re currently experiencing. I will leave you with some Lync Edge considerations for your review.


Edge Server Considerations

•              The firewall must be UDP enabled.

•              The RMX system must have a unique account in Active Directory and must be registered with the Lync Server edge server.

•              TLS connection is required.

•              Ensure that the RMX match URI has been allowed on the Lync Server edge

•              The Edge server can route to the RMX (ping or telnet from the Edge to the RMX)

•              The following ports are open bidirectional from the Lync Edge to the RMX

o             5061 – SIP over TLS  (Needed for registration to access interface and TLS negotiation)

o             5062 – Edge AV Services  (Needed for registration to the AV Edge Service interface)

o             3478 – STUN/TURN (need to call setup and NAT traversal)

o             49152 – 65535 (RTP over UDP for media traversal between the RMX and the Edge)

•              If the primary SIP domain is different from the AD domain name, the SIP Server Domain Name in the RMX SIP configuration page should be set to the primary SIP domain.

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Re: Polycom RMX Integration with Lync Edge - "SIP NO ADDR FOR MEDIA -0"

Thanks for all the replies.  I just tried it from home using a different laptop and it is working now.  No changes made as far as I know (I was not in the office yesterday).


I'll test when I get back in the office on Monday.  Could be a client issue or a routing issue to our guest wifi.

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Re: Polycom RMX Integration with Lync Edge - "SIP NO ADDR FOR MEDIA -0"

When you "firewall must be UDP enabled", what does that mean exactly?

I have a Sonicwall and trying to get this to work and currently have all of IP (TCP and UDP) open between my RMX and LyncEdge server and still get ice_firewall_detection_unknown message under the signal monitor.

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