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RMX 1000 LAN problems

Occasional Contributor

RMX 1000 LAN problems

Hi to all


First of all, i know that RMX1000 is not supported by Polycom anymore, but i still want to ask you, if you can help me out with problem im having.


I have an RMX1000 with version 2.1. I cant log on over LAN1 or LAN2 ports, but can log on over treminal (putty).

I have tryed all recovery and reset procedure (that are explained in manuls) and still nothing.

I cant get IP from a system. LAN LED in the front panel of RMX are green.

If i run a recovery mode i get : LAN1 IP -------------


Is there any other way to complitly ugrade software (bios, kerenel and system software)?

Any of you guys have any old RMX1000 hard disk (with working software) that you dont need and i can use it to test it?



Im attaching screen shots.

Any suggestions are very welcome.