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RMX 1500 Drops calls to a gatekeeper (VCS)

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RMX 1500 Drops calls to a gatekeeper (VCS)

We have a RMX 1500. We use it to manage all our VTC calls.  We are now begin ask to make calls to endpoint that are registered to an VCS gatekeeper.  When we make the call it will connect but then disconnect after about 2 2-5 minutes. IS there something we need to change on our RMX or is it a VCS problem.

Louis E. Martin
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Re: RMX 1500 Drops calls to a gatekeeper (VCS)

I think you need to isolate the problem, you can do the following:


1. un-register the RMX from VCS.

2. un-register one endpoint from VCS.

3. Call this endpoint from the RMX directly , see the result ?!

 If still problem persist , check the endpoint settings (BTW: it's TANDBERG or POLYCOM or other brand?!) - I believe there's no problem in your RMX - or check the network settings (if there's any QOS made on the other endpoint network , MPLS with limited sized TCP packets ?!)


--> If the call passed without any problem from RMX to endpoint, you need to check the zone of the endpoint when it's registering in the VCS? is there any limitations on the dialling bandwidth ? is there any rules applied on this zone the endpoint exist in?


try it and give the feedback.

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Re: RMX 1500 Drops calls to a gatekeeper (VCS)

RMX also supports SIP, so try dialing those endpoints using their URI, name@domain or name@vcs-hostname.

If you were already doing that. I would check the VCS rules used for those calls.


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