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RMX 1500 - network traffic capture

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RMX 1500 - network traffic capture


we are using RMX 1500 MCU Version, and are trying to get the network traffic capture enabled for some test calls in order to look at things such as DSCP QoS packet markings and other call statistics.

I noticed there is a place in Administration > Tools > Information Collector > Network Traffic Capture > If i collect logs for Network Traffic Capture they come off empty for the calls or time frames selected.


I would assume that the network traffic capture has to be only temporarily enabled for certain calls due to the size that it can generate.


I did not find a way in the Administration Guide to enable a network traffic capture, please specify how this can be done.


Thank you.

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Re: RMX 1500 - network traffic capture



In this case you should turn on the SSH on RMX, login to the Management IP(or Media card IP if you need RTP) through SSH, start\stop tcpdump and get the file from RMX using FTP or "winscp".


For more information please contact to Polycom Support team.

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