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RMX 2000 (7.1) static routing.

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RMX 2000 (7.1) static routing.

Hello. I've set up static routing on RMX 2000, but it's not working as I expected.

I've add a network range with specified gw and when try to ping from RMX members of this network, all is ok. But when I try to ping RMX from this network, RMX is not responding.

Scheme like this:

RMX (LAN1/24) - GW Server - LAN2/24, no NAT or smth. like this.

On RMX and LAN2 members have static routes on each other. On another LAN1 members with static routes on LAN2 all is ok.

When I sniff traffic on GW server, I noticed, when pings go FROM RMX, all is correct, but when pings goes ON RMX, RMX is not responding. Static routes added on management and IP network sevices as well.



also confirmed on RMX1500 (7.6)

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Re: RMX 2000 (7.1) static routing.

No one using static routes on RMXes?


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