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RMX 2000 not showing MCU

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RMX 2000 not showing MCU

Hi Everyone,


I am having a problem with my RMX manager showing me the MCU. My coworkers, who are all admins as well, still have access to the MCU. Whenver I try and add the MCU using the correct IP, I get an error message saying that the IP address is already in use. 


I have uninstalled, reinstalled, and tried to connect via the RMX IP. No luck. 

I have also deleted my orginal login, and created a new one. Again, no luck.


When I sign into the manager again, it never asks me to log in again, even though I have deleted and reinstalled everything.


Please Help!


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James Berry
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Re: RMX 2000 not showing MCU

Have similar. It's because the search box is prepopulated for some reason and showing the search result.... which is nothing!


Clear the "find:" box and hit search.

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