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RMX 2000 provision upgrade path?

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RMX 2000 provision upgrade path?



We have an RMX 2000 currently provisioned 15HD1080p/30HD720p/60SD/90CIF.  Is there any upgrade path for the provisioning available on this bridge?  Is there anyway to add hardware to expand upon the existing provisioning?


Please let me know if you do.


Thank you.




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Re: RMX 2000 provision upgrade path?

Hello Vicky


What RMX software version do you use?


if I right understand, you would like to increase your RMX system capacity. What capacity do you need?

An upgrade way depends on number and type MPM card\cards, which already installed on RMX, please check it on Hardware Monitor pane.




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Re: RMX 2000 provision upgrade path?

POLYCOM promises to release 8.3 the following:

Two upgrade kits are provided for the RMX platform:
RMX 2000 - VRMX2000RXUP:
Ø CNTL unit
Ø Power Module
Ø 2 RTM LAN cards
Ø at least one MPMRx-D/MPMRx-S card
Ø Software Activation Key, for the latest RMX software version
Ø Version 8.3 Documentation
This means that you can upgrade any version up to 8.3 (if I understand correctly)
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