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RMX 4000 8.5 Manager Extremely Slow


RMX 4000 8.5 Manager Extremely Slow

After upgrading our RMX4000 from 8.4 to 8.5, we are noticing the new 8.5 RMX Manager client is extremely slow.  Seeing this from multiple computers across our network.  This is seen when trying to make changes to a conference that is in session.  Right click on the conference, select Properties and then wait 30-45 seconds for the screen to finish coming up.  If we try to click on any of the sections on the left pane of the properties windows, another 30 seconds for it to draw.


Anyone else seen this or know of any known issues?

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Re: RMX 4000 8.5 Manager Extremely Slow

Hi there,


I found that in RMX version 8.5 that some conferences stay alive after aprticipants has disconnected. The Conference then cannot be deteled from the Conferences Tab and does not reset the Meeting ID.


I have to restart the RMX in order to remove the conference.


I have also found that both my RMX Servers on version 8.5 stops Gatekeeper Registration, however, the RMX's are registered to the CMA4000. Don't know if there is a compatibility issue to the old CMA4000 from the new 8.5 RMX Version.


Anyone else have similar or other issues?

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Re: RMX 4000 8.5 Manager Extremely Slow

Several issues where a particpant would become "stuck" preventing a conference from being deleted have been addressed in the 8.5.2 release. I have attached a copy of the Release Notes for version 8.5.2.


I don't have enough information to address the gatekeeper issue you are having.



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