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RMX 4000 ISDN issue


RMX 4000 ISDN issue


RMX 4000 (sw 8.2) with ISDN card connect via E1 to Alcatel S-12.

We use isdn for connect audio parcipant to conference.

Sometimes have problem - no audio from parcipant to server and rmx not detect DTMF.

Audio from rmx to parcipant is ok. 

ip parcipant  communacation no have problem.

In rmx and S-12 no warning 

only reboot rmx fix problem.

any idea's?

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Re: RMX 4000 ISDN issue

When your audio participant connects and the issue occurs, have you looked at the Participant Properties to see the audio protocol being used?  Is it ALL audio calls coming in that experience the issue or consistently certain ones (from a certain network possibly)?

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Re: RMX 4000 ISDN issue

auio protocol - g722 a-law

all parcipant, who connect from isdn side after issue, have problem


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