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RMX 4000 data reports ?

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RMX 4000 data reports ?

Hi all,


does anyone know if there is any way of pulling reports from an rmx 4000 ?


Our previous system was able to provide a report with all the relevant monthly info (you specified the time period), but the only thing i've found on the rmx is under 'administration', then 'CDR' where it then lists every site which has been connected (audio aswell as video, think it's meant to be from the last 100 calls). From there, it will produce a text document with no formatting for each single participant, not combining them in any way.

So it's a crazy amount of information in lots of small chunks!


Our CMA gives us reports, but not the detail we need from the RMX.


If anyone has any suggestions, much appreciated.




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Re: RMX 4000 data reports ?

Hi Colin


What type of reports do you want get?


By my opinion the best way get reports from RMX it's use SNMP and any a network monitoring software.
For example, you can try a freeware PRTG Network Monitor version.


RMX can send different info by SNMP. For more details look to RMX Admin Guide.



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Re: RMX 4000 data reports ?



You can retrieve CDRs as 'Unformatted Data' (comma separated) and/or 'Formatted XML'. It's up to you to write any utility (for example, Excel macros) in order to extract the needed details from this data. Please refer to 'The CDR File' section in RMX Admin's Guide.




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Re: RMX 4000 data reports ?

Hi Colin,


I suggest you to have a check in the Link given below:


They are the best in reports generation as well as customization of the pulled reports in any format you desire. Just put a mail for a test to he will send you the details as well as arrange for a demo at your place.


Its really worth. Give a try.



Anant Yalagi

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