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RMX 4000 only receiving audio from far site

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RMX 4000 only receiving audio from far site

hi all,


we have an RMX 4000 bridge and when doing a test call earlier dialling out to an Indian company (we're based in the UK) and for some reason I didn't recieve video from them, yet they were recieving video from us.

On the RMX, they showed as being 'connected with problems'.


When I got them to dial into us by dialling our bridge and using conf code and pass, they showed as being connected fine but the same problem was there, they could see and hear me and i could hear them but not see them.


We tested on ISDN and it was fine both ways.

According to the indian site, they regularly connect to external companies over IP no problems.

At the time, using the rmx i tried stopping and restarting their video to try to jump-start it, and also had a couple of other units in and out of the call ,no problems on audio or video with them.


If anyone has any suggestions, much appreciated.




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Re: RMX 4000 only receiving audio from far site

Hi Colin,


Here are some things you can try:


1) Try and change the Participant Protocol to H.263 or Lower.

2) Ensure that the Dial Speed is matched with the Participants Maximum Dial Speed.

3) Disable all Encryption Set for the Conference Room.



Also a question, do you see the Far Side Participant as a Blue Screen or a Black Screen?


Kind Regards,


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Re: RMX 4000 only receiving audio from far site



thanks for your suggestions. I will try them when we are able to arrange another test call.


It's a blue screen we were recieving from them.







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