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RMX Internal Socket Error 1032

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RMX Internal Socket Error 1032

Hello Members


I have a VRM1510 that has started acting up. The IVR is speaking very slowly and the interface screen is distorted (bad image/poor video quality)


When logged on to the RMX and attempt to click on Hardware Monitor to restart the unit>> the attached msg pops up (see pic)


"No connection with swtich. Retrieving basic Hardware information. Internal Socket Error 1032



Any suggestions as to what the problem may be and how to fix it. Can a hard reset fix this ?


Thanks for the replies

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Re: RMX Internal Socket Error 1032



Shutdown RMX, remove power.


Plug power back in and start unit up again.


Have you tried turning of and on again?



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Re: RMX Internal Socket Error 1032

I have not tried this. Is the front power button to be pressed once or held down until the unit turns off ?

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