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RMX Voice Announcment

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RMX Voice Announcment

My Customer has an RMX 2000 / CMA and HDX Endpoints.

They have many Virtual rooms setup on their RMX which they dial into.


Question :  Is it  possible for the VC that is attempting to dial into the virtual room,  to have a message to say “you have reached the maximum amount of participants” or something of that nature , when you try to dial into the virtual room which has already reached the capacity you have set.

or something like this:

  1. Meeting room currently has a meeting in progress with 10 participants which is the room maximum
  2. User 1 receives a message on their screen: “Sorry but the occupancy level for this room has been reached – maximum of 10 participants.  Please try again later”

Can anyone suggest a work around / fix as all the caller gets is continous ringing tone when trying to join into a FULL Virtual room.


Maybe there is no such feature available ????



Many thanks

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